Bemidji: Paul Yule

Iron Range: Karla Merhar

Fertile/ Crookston Area:

Stacy Erickson/ Lisa Liden

Other outside of Bemidji: Susan Hazard

Unfortunately it isn't all fun

Trapping ferals for trap - neuter- release in Mahnomen    

(218) 444-2077

Pet Fixers

PO Box 104

Bemidji, MN 56619

Volunteering at Clinics

Selling Cookbooks  at Crazy Days

Selling Our Consignment Items and Spreading the Word

Pet Fixers is a small group of volunteers who believe the only humane method of curbing pet over-population and preventing unwanted kittens and puppies is through sterilization. In 2016 we held clinics in Bemidji, Bovey, Walker, Mahnomen, Fertile, Crookston and Blackduck. We maintain a calendar of low cost/ low income clinics in Northern Minnesota

Clinic Coordinators

Volunteering in Fertile

Baiting live traps with sardines

Post surgery getting them moving!

Advertising Our Raffle and Promoting Pet Fixers

Pet Fixer Board

President : Paul Yule

Treasurer: Pam Hudson

Secretary: Susan Hazard

Sue Dearholt

Stacy Erickson

​Brina Ellison

 For financial information on Pet Fixers please find us on