Additional consideration is given to hardship cases, senior citizens, disabled persons, multiple pet households, and qualifying Veterans.

These are handled case by case. No low income qualifying person will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Eligible participants must be receiving one of the following government assistance programs or provide proof of household size and income:  

  •    Disability income          
  •    Food support         
  •    General assistance          
  •    Heating assistance          
  •    Medicaid      
  •    Medical Assistance
  •    MN Care
  •    MFIP
  •    Section 8 housing
  •    Temporary assistance for needy families
  •    VA Disability
  •    WIC


Income Qualifications: Proof of Gross Income is requested prior to receiving services *   
 Family size of 1 - ($27,075 - yearly OR $2,256 - monthly)
 Family size of 2 - ($36.425 - yearly OR $3,035 - monthly)
 Family size of 3 - ($45,775 - yearly OR $3,815 - monthly) 

​* Pay stub or income tax return

Exception: There are no income restrictions on caretakers of feral cats and barn cat owners. Cats will be ear -tipped.

Thank you for your application! We will get back to you within 3-4 days. Please answer your phone or check your spam email.