Providing Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services in Northern Minnesota

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December 2012 -November 2017     Pet Fixers Spay Neuter Assistance Program Has Provided Assistance to 3,027 Animals

1,132 Female Cats Spayed     702  Male Cats Neutered          
679    Female Dogs Spayed    486   Male Dogs Neutered    28 Rabbits

Our Mission 

Pet Fixers -Spay Neuter Assistance Program is a non-profit 501c3 organization founded July 2012 with the purpose of helping low income pet owners in northern Minnesota counties spay and neuter their dogs and cats. We believe the most effective and humane way to prevent pet           over-population and unwanted litters is through sterilization.

We will accomplish this by:

  • promoting responsible pet ownership through education
  • providing services through our own surgical unit and subsidizing the cost of spaying and neutering companion animals for individuals financially unable to sterilize their pet.
  • assisting individuals and municipalities in Trap-Neuter-Return of feral/barn cats.
  • no cost service for qualifying Veterans on VA Disability as much as we are financially able to provide
  • ​offering our services to shelters and qualifying rescues who can transport to our location
  • ​providing surgical service for Trap-Neuter- Return to caretakers of barn and feral cats as funds and manpower allow