Pet Fixers is able to provide animal lovers with an affordable opportunity to spay and neuter that stray cat they have wandering in the neighborhood! This torti gal was left homeless in Bovey. She was caught and brought in to the clinic where she was spayed and vaccinated. The   neighbors pitched in and covered the $30 cost. This isn’t something most people could do if it was very expensive. 
Oh, and the cat? Cookie not only got her “fix” but also a family when one of the participating families decided to give her a home!
Since we started in December of 2012, Pet Fixers has helped provide 930+ cat SPAYS, and over 300 of that number just in 2016. 

We have the best support!

Thank you Bernie Dehn of Lawrence Lake Liquor!! Your generosity will help so many people spay and neuter their pets.  thank you!! —  feeling blessed at Lawrence Lake Liquor. All donations go directly to providing spaying, neutering, and vaccinating our clients' pets!

                 Crookston Feral Project September 2016
Thanks to a joint effort by the owner of the trailer court, residents, volunteers, businesses, Kindest Cut, and Pet Fixers, a colony (100% ) of fifteen semi-feral cats were trapped, vaccinated, and spayed and neutered. The majority of them were rehomed to barns, going as far as Menagha and Sebeka. This guy was the youngest kitten trapped, and he has found home in Bemidji at the shop (and house) of one of the men who build our cat condos. Thank you Crookston for having the compassion to save these cats. Spayed, neutered, vaccinated semi-feral cats make wonderful shop or barn cats. A healthier, humane way of keeping barn cats too. 
“Walter” has a wonderful home and is very loved. 

Our clinics were held using the low cost services of Kindest Cut or Mnsnap mobile veterinary truck. We provide location, volunteers, as well as food and lodging to the veterinary team in most circumstances. We take the low cost services they offer and subsidize them so pet owners of even the most limited means can be helped. When we find someone with multiple intact pets we will offer even more assistance to make sure we get all of them spayed and neutered. 

This pooch and his cat were able to participate in the Bovey clinic when the Kindest Cut truck was parked right in town. Bringing the clinic to the area is the only way some pet owners will ever be able or willing to “fix” their animals. This owner had her cat and dog spayed for a total of $80 which included  the core vaccinations

It should be a part of a “Parent Manual “ that kids grow up with, and learn how to love, care for, and respect an animal. We help those parents who  understand the importance of having that furry  family member but need a little help getting them “fixed.” Because Dutchess is spayed, this lovely pittie is able to devote herself to her human family, and they don’t have to worry about unwanted suitors, litters of puppies, and have a healthier dog. There is the added benefit to all of us of a young person who will grow up understanding that spaying and neutering is a responsible part of pet ownership.

A little of what goes on...

Pet Fixers has a policy of covering 100% the cost of spaying or neutering the pets of low income qualifying Veterans. 
This gentleman brought his dog into one of our clinics to be neutered and vaccinated. After his surgery, the Kindest Cut veterinarian asked our Pet Fixer volunteers if they knew of someone who would be able to groom this badly matted dog. One of our volunteers called a groomer (who had helped at previous Pet Fixer clinics), assisted her, and covered the cost of the grooming! 
Peado looked like a new dog when his owner came to pick him up!