We had our female chihuahua fixed and utilized Pet Fixers. The process was extremely easy, and my pet was so very well taken care of. She was 3 before we fixed her as we were very scared of the process and it was expensive. This service allowed for an easier financial burden, and the volunteers who helped are AMAZING. I contacted Pet Fixers a few months ago as I had to get a license for my dog, and they emailed me her record of fix.
So thankful for this program.

Our dogs. Lilly and bella. Both got fixed from petfixers. Thank you again.

We had Bonnie & Clyde fixed during a clinic...could not have afforded having it done at the Vet...they were also micro chipped...Everyone was very friendly and attentive to our pets, and they made the experience great...I know eveyone involved appreicates this service, it is something our community really needed.

I had two barn cats neutered last year. It was affordable and close to home. It would have been too expensive to get them both done at the vet and I'm happy knowing they aren't contributing to the feral cat population

We had our stray cat fixed last fall and our dog fixed last weekend. It was quick, easy and affordable for us( probably wouldn't have had it done at all, too expensive at a vet clinic), also it's nice it's on Saturday & Sunday. Everyone was so friendly & took great care of our animals...

We have had several pets neutered over the years. I'll be bringing Moriarty at the end of August this year. Some of them were neighborhood cats that wouldn't have had a chance to be neutered otherwise and some were our personal house pets. It helps to know that even if I can't personally save every one in my home, they aren't adding to a booming supply of homeless kittens either. The veterinary costs for neuter are outrageous and getting higher all the time. I'm so grateful you're here to support this need.

The organization helped my pet and I enormously! I wouldn't have been able to afford neutering at a vetinary clinic prices are just to high. So thank you so much for making things affordable and absolutely wonderful treatment of the animals and owners  😊

Love them I couldn't t afford to get my baby fixed if it was not for them they did an amazing job! Recommend them one hundred times over!